Bruce Cuff - Christian, Constitutional, Conservative Republican.

Bruce Cuff - Christian, Constitutional, Conservative Republican.Bruce Cuff - Christian, Constitutional, Conservative Republican.

Enough is ENOUGH!!! It is TIME for Bruce Cuff !!! Issues Worth Fighting For:


 Government Spending/Growth is out of control. Even with record setting Stock Market gains, the PERS unfunded liability has grown to $25 billion. When the market falters, this liability could double. Trying to increase taxes on businesses will not solve this unaccountable deficit. It will only make State revenue decrease as they move their businesses (and jobs) out of state. Lower business taxes means MORE businesses, MORE people employed in the Private Sector, and MORE revenue. A win, win, win! 


The current Public Education approach is not working. It needs more competition from the Private Sector. Put parents back in control of education with a voucher worth 70% of what the state is currently spending to allow any parent to be able to afford private school education. (This has a 30% savings built-in.) Dedicate half of the General Fund to Counties to fund public education locally. 


 With an increasing minimum wage, business taxes need to be lowered or eliminated to keep Oregon business competitive. Oregon needs to be a business magnet. More Private Sector employment and fewer government jobs equals MORE prosperous Oregonians. One out of six jobs in Oregon are government employment, and this is unsustainable. 


 Natural resource based businesses: farming, ranching, logging, mining, and fishing need to be encouraged by the state and less regulated. Counties should manage the people of Oregon’s land within their jurisdiction and receive any revenue generated. 


 Everyone’s right to freedom of speech and freedom of worship must be protected. Violent and destructive protest is criminal and not protected “speech”. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. I am a pro-life Christian conservative. There should be NO PUBLIC FUNDING of abortion. I have the endorsement from the Oregon Right to Life PAC.


 US Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, paragraph 4 states: The Congress shall have power to establish a Uniform Rule of Naturalization. This right has been given to the Federal Government by the States. Immigration is a federal issue. States and cities who claim to offer “sanctuary status” are acting unlawfully and unconstitutionally. 


The Oregon Republican Party needs to have Conservative candidates running in every legislative district in 2020. (60 House races and 15 Senate races.) We cannot allow the Democrats to “walk back into office” unopposed. They need to defend their pro-abortion, anti-gun rights, anti-business, pro-Common Core, failing public school, unlawful and unconstitutional sanctuary state, hesitant wildfire fighting, anti-Christian policies. 

We need to get together and talk

Would love to meet with you and your friends and family over coffee in your home and hear your concerns. 

Communities served by House District 17 : Lebanon, Sweet Home, Stayton, Sublimity, Mill City, Lyons/Mehama, Scio, Gates, Waterloo, Detroit, Idahna, Lacomb, Foster, Cascadia

To Schedule - email or call 503.949.3445

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